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Your Child Is in Great Hands

Our Center

We are a state licensed center structured with classrooms according to age. Each classroom is run by teachers who create tailored lesson plans based on Kansas Early Learning Standards, classroom schedules and developmentally appropriate environments. Children in our care are offered structured learning activities based on the Kansas Early Learning Standards that allow us to track, scaffold, and nurture continued growth and development in these vital periods of brain growth. This brain growth is maximized by supporting cognitive, social and emotional development through our quality learning experience.


In every classroom we continuously work to build a strong foundation for the children's future learning experiences in school, and strive to create well-rounded individuals that are geared for success. Each day children are provided with a nap/rest time, outside play time, and well-balanced meals including breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack.

Our Curriculum

We believe in the development of the whole child. Our curriculum is designed to focus on the creative, emotional, intellectual, physical and social growth of each  individual.  The purpose of our approach is to foster competency in the young child.  While the emphasis is on children, family involvement is encouraged and supported.

We have several goals for children:

  • To be competent and confident in their abilities

  • To be self-directed in a constructive and creative manner

  • To be successful in future educational experiences

  • To develop a love for learning and the ability to know how to learn

  • To develop self-control and a sense of right and wrong

  • To feel good about whom they are

  • To learn cooperation with other children as well as adults

  • To reach their full potential in emotional, intellectual, physical and social development

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Dane G Hansen Grant

Book Grant

One significant element to early literacy is simply access to books.  Research tells us that when books are present, children are read to more frequently and are more likely to learn to read for enjoyment. ECLC has been awarded funds to purchase $1,000 in new books for the next 5 years.

Early Childhood Education Staff Support Grants

Though they are charged with caring for our most precious assets, classroom helpers and teachers in the early childhood field are historically low-wage earners. The Early Childhood Education Staff Support Grant is designed to provide financial recognition for early childhood staff, reduce costs associated with staff turnover, and stabilize the workforce. Fewer staff changes are also a quality factor for children attending the centers.The Staff Support Grant enables a full time (at least 30 hours/week) staff member in good standing to earn a bonus for every six months he or she stays employed at the SAME center or qualifying group home. Bonuses range from $250 to $800 every six months, based on longevity.

Early Childhood Block Grant 

FY24 Award: $296,765

The Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund (KCCTF) announces the release of funding opportunity to provide high-quality education for children birth up to kindergarten entry to meet specific early childhood outcomes for state fiscal year 2024 (school year 2023-2024). The purpose of this grant opportunity is to provide early childhood services for Kansas children and families ages birth to kindergarten entry, as well as services for prenatal and family supports.

Children and families who participate in high-quality early childhood care and education programming are more likely to have better educational outcomes, graduate high school, earn a higher lifetime salary, have higher levels of employment, and contribute to the vibrancy of their community.

High-quality early learning opportunities are particularly beneficial for children whose early experiences otherwise put them at risk.

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