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Diverse Learning Environments


The Infant Program provides a loving and nurturing environment for children 4 weeks to 12 months old. This program is only offered full-time in order to help infants develop a sense of security with their environment. The Infant Room is staffed with three employees and can have up to nine infants total. Our Infant Room provides lots of one on one interaction as well as a separate sleeping room with a crib for each child.  We provide Parents Choice Advantage formula and baby food. We also welcome parents to bring in food and formula specific to their infant. Lastly, we are committed to providing a breastfeeding friendly environment by providing a private and sanitary place for mothers to breastfeed their infants, as well as having a designated refrigerator to store breast milk.

Tuition:  $175/week



Toddler 1
The Toddler 1 Program is designed to accommodate the development of assisted help and begin self-help skills for children 12 months to 2.5 years old. Toddler 1 introduces children to new and exciting sensory experiences as well as consistency with a day to day schedule. In addition, Toddler 1 begins to introduce children to the potty and a bathroom routine. A consistent program of developmentally appropriate activities helps to nurture a "can-do" attitude. The program is staffed with two teachers for up to ten children.

Toddler 2
The Toddler 2 Program assists children's development of becoming an independent child. This program is for children 18 months to 2.5 years old. Teachers in Toddler 2 strongly focus on the social and emotional development of each child, help the child communicate to peers and adults through speech, and practice and reinforce potty training. Toddler 2 is a pacifier free room. This program has two teachers for up to fourteen children.

Toddler one tuition:  $150/week

Toddler two tuition:  $145/week

Girl with Acrylic Paints


Preschool 1
The Preschool 1 Program offers a variety of hands-on activities and experiences for children age 2.5 to 5 years old. Through play children explore, create and pretend. Planned activities and consistent daily schedules are balanced with free time to create a developmentally appropriate setting that enhances the preschooler's love of learning. Preschool 1 introduces children to recognizing and writing their own name and letter and number recognition. This program is staffed with two teachers and may have up to twenty-one children.

Preschool 2: Pre-K
The Preschool 2 Program focuses on kindergarten readiness. The children are provided an educational learning environment that fosters intellectual, social, and emotional growth with an overall focus on both educational knowledge and behaviors that are necessary in a school setting. The activities planned focus on the whole child: social, nutritional, emotional, physical, etc. In the end, the children gain independence and learning through experiences.

Preschool one tuition:  $135/week
Preschool two Tuition: $130/week

School Age Program

During the academic year, our After School Program is in session. Each day school is in session, Ellsworth Elementary School buses the children enrolled in our after school program to our location. Children arrive at ECLC approximately 3:20 p.m. During this time the children are offered snack and age appropriate educational activities as well as time to complete homework.

When there are school days out, whether scheduled (holidays, spring break, etc.) or unscheduled (snow day), ECLC provides all day care located at the center for an extra daily fee.

The School Age Program continues through the summer and provides full day care. During the summer children engage in field trips, green house and community projects, swim weekly, and much more. Children are transported by USD 327 buses.  

After School Tuition:  $60/week plus $15 for school days out

School Age Full week Tuition (school breaks and summer): $105/week

school age program

Drop in Care

Drop in care services are based upon availability.  Please call 785-472-4088 for more information. Please call for openings or to schedule a tour of the center.

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